6 seasons | restaurant

Saint-Petersburg | 102 sq.m

Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Ruben Movsisian, Ivan Gorbunov, Ekaterina Tarasova, Tatiana Kurochkina, Daria Lebedeva
Photo: Anton Ivanov 


Six Seasons - a small intimate restaurant, the concept of which is built around the natural cycles of nature. The change of seasons dictates a change in the food ration, and after that the menu in the restaurant is updated - so through the food you can feel what spring or late autumn tastes like.

The interior emphasizes and reveals this gastronomic concept, creating an atmosphere of a cozy forest around the guest. Muted colors, natural textured materials and landscaping, coupled with accent chamber lighting, immerse you in a real grove - and when darkness falls, it is not at all scary to enter it


We have united a small hall with a long two-level bench and an extensive podium - this is how we managed to create three zones with different moods without building actual partitions, and to solve the problem of an entrance raised above the floor level, turning it into a plus. A "grove" zone appeared at the lavishly landscaped window, a "gazebo" zone with a high planting to the left of the entrance to the bar, and a "forest" zone surrounded by burnt tree trunks is the heart of the hall

The main symbol of seasonality - burnt wood - is found in the interior on a different scale, from large logs along the walls of the hall, to the handle of the front door. This way of processing the material shows the beauty of aging, giving it a pleasant texture, but not hiding its authenticity.

The light installation overhead enhances the feeling of the forest - the shadows from the branches, swaying on the surface of the translucent fabric, give rise to doubts about the finiteness of space, as if the "forest" continues beyond its borders

toilet behind the trees 
↑  Burnt door handle



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