Amby | Beauty salon
2024 | 100 sq.m.

Architects: Arianna Mikaya, Ruslan Polynsky, Olga Gorbunova
Visualization: Antonina Polevaya, Tatiana Kurochkina
Photo: Dmitrii Suvorov

Amby is more than a laser epilation salon. This is a place where every element speaks of care, comfort and uniqueness. A space where every visitor feels special.

This project is our second collaboration with the Amby brand. The young and innovative couple who own the salon came to us not only to design, but also to create a unique space that reflects the spirit of their community. They wanted to go beyond typical salons, and we proposed to create a place “without masks”, where everything is built on sincerity and self-love, away from stereotypical medical or luxury interiors.

Based on this mission and research into the salon's target audience, the key design concept was the fusion of gentle romanticism with pragmatic functionalism

We sought to combine masculine and feminine energy, functionality and beauty, inspired by the images of Patrick Bateman and Barbie.


In every element of the interior we looked for answers to questions about what visitors need. This is how we came to the concept of creating several spaces, each of which would suit a client with a different character.

For example, there is a relaxation room, shrouded in soft light and comfort. This is an ideal place for an introverted break, where you can retire with a book, lose yourself in thoughts and come to your senses.


An orbital mirror with a flower planet is not just a decorative element. It symbolizes the world of Amby, where everyone feels like a unique part of the universe. The table was inspired by the space theme of the film "Equilibrium", where emotions play a key role. It serves as a reminder that real feelings are an integral part of our lives, and they have a special place in the salon.

This is a multifunctional item designed for both storing products and taking selfies.


In the salon space we placed three laser hair removal rooms, a massage room and an area for cosmetic procedures. Particular attention was paid to the massage room, where we created an intimate space with adjustable lighting for maximum relaxation.

Amby pay great attention to detail and service, which is reflected in the design: carefully thought out organizers, shelving and storage systems. 

The space itself played along with us, allowing us to use existing elements such as beams on the ceiling and concrete tiles on the floor, which added uniqueness and history to the interior.

entrance to the orange 
↑  blob mirror

built in ceiling lights ↓
↑  some curves 

orbital mirror↓
↑ before & after  

project team ↓
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