Moscow | 74 sq.m.

Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Victor Aurov, Catherina Tarasova, Valeria Dzhigil, Tatiana Kurochkina


The concept is built around the different states of a butterfly's life, each stage,
from caterpillar to mature butterfly, is an independent life cycle.
The cycles are reflected by the states of materials:
from stone to stainless steel,
from clay to corten steel.

At the heart of the color palette is the butterfly "Attacus atlas", reaching 30 cm in wingspan,
which lives only in Asia. It's terracotta shade is the base color of the interior. 

Under the ceiling there is a suspended undulating structure
made of stainless steel, reflecting the flight path of a butterfly frozen in the moment


mirror fixed with three meter pipe to the ceiling 
↑  mirror with worn amalgam around the perimeter

 corten steel facade made by architectural facade contractor ↓
↑ corten entrance to the toilet

process ↓

before ↓
↑ after

project team ↓

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