Eggselent | Breakfast cafe
2024 | 117,85 sq.m.

Architects: Polina Onischuk, Alexandra Zemtsova, Angelina Gorelova, Leonid Sobolev
Visualization: Antonina Polevaya
Photo: Dmitrii Suvorov

Eggselent is a chain of cafés offering all-day breakfast. The concept of the establishment is built around bright and appealing dishes, and every interior features yellow and pink colors as the brand's foundation.

If you look at the layout of the café from above, you can see that it resembles a plate, with the central element being a spread yolk in the middle – the bar counter with an open kitchen and a glossy floor whose color gradients seamlessly onto the wall.

Around the counter, the seating areas of various shapes are arranged like scattered salad leaves, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients on a plate.

The café's design uses a signature color palette dominated by yellow and pink shades, enhanced with glitter and rounded shapes, reflecting the Eggsellent style.

The main inspiration for the project came from the dishes served at this cafe
Although the initial concept envisioned an even brighter and more diverse color scheme, we opted for a more restrained and refined approach to harmoniously integrate the interior with the surrounding urban environment. The result is a balance between playfulness and elegance, naivety and rationality, which gives the project a unique character and makes it appealing to a broad audience.​​​​​​​

The project incorporated many handcrafted details, involving artists. It was important for us to emphasize the "craftsmanship" in these details – both the food in the café and the design of the establishment should align, because each dish is made by the staff with their own hands.

hand-made chair ↓
↑  wc

artwork ↓
↑ hand-made chair for kids

gradient wall ↓
a table with glitter inside

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