Fabrika | Foodhall

St.Petersburg | 3000 sq.m.
Architects: Anastasia Safianenko, Vorontsov Nikita, Nadji Ibragimova, Mikaja Arianna, Leonid Sobolev, Polina Onishuk, Ekaterina Polyakova, Alexandra Zemtcova
Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina
Graphic: Sonya Plusnina

The territory of the former leather factory is a place with a rich and varied history dating back to 1879. In 2022, the factory building and the courtyard will again be transformed and acquire a function that is relevant for the center of St. Petersburg - a large food market, several event venues, lounge areas and recreational spaces will appear here



The interior concept, through finishing materials, details and lighting, interprets different eras in the history of the place - the types of products that were produced here and the very spirit of the industrial building dictate the choice of decorative and even planning solutions. This is how a place that is new in its essence preserves and broadcasts its history

​​​​​​​The space is zoned with different types of seats: from soft seats at the beginning 
to a "green zone" at the end of the space

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