Kafeterija | Cafe

cafe in Belgrade, Serbia | 50 sq.m.

Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Ruben Movsisian, Artem Lebedev
Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina

Kafeterija, a well-known Serbian coffee shop chain, became a place of inspiration and creativity for us. Using the coffee shop as an alternative to a home office, we often worked within its cozy walls during the year, continuing to develop new concepts for their projects. The collaboration between KIDZ and the Kafeterija began with the question, "Can we work not only in the Kafeterija but also together with it?»

The first meeting, held in July 2023, kicked off the project. We were asked to maximize its vision of the ideal guest space. Analyzing the locations of the Kafeterija, we captured the spirit of the workshop, where each product is unique and the interiors emphasize craftsmanship and natural materials.




The future coffee house found its home in a historic building with brick walls and stained glass windows, where before there was a local bar. To create a true workshop, the first order of business was to whitewash the walls and engineer in the open. This is the base on which the attributes of a coffee shop - a bar counter, seats for visitors - were later added. Many objects of the room were assembled from what was found during the dismantling and construction process: for example, the counter and benches are made of several types of wood overlaid on each other using patchwork technique. 

The lighting solution, made using scaffolding and metal pipe clamps, not only adds to the design features, but also solves the practical problem of masking the electrical cables. The use of facade tiles on the terrace added a clean and tidy feel to the space, creating a sense of unity with the surroundings.

lightning system↓
↑  terrace

During the renovation process, elements of the original architecture were also discovered and restored, including a wooden door and a facade stained glass window, preserving the look of the building. The result of the studio's work is a space that combines respect for tradition and modern design solutions, reflecting the Kafeterija's philosophy as a place where everyone can find something to suit their taste in an atmosphere of creativity and craftsmanship.

metal tables ↓

↑  wc door

process ↓

↓ project team

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