Kebab daddy

street food cafe | 36 sq.m.

Architects: Ruben Movsisian, Dasha Lebedeva, Ruslan Maikov
Supervision: Viktor Aurov, Catherina Tarasova 
Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina

Australian Tom Halpin has opened a new project called Kebab Daddy. It is a modern interpretation of doner and lulia kebab in Tom's vision. The main idea is to feed people with dishes cooked to the highest standards, but at an affordable price point

The flagship interior has not been left out and is based on a simple idea: rich details in a brutal interior. In the centre is a red layered plaster wall, which is "cut through" by a stainless steel bar top. To enhance the accent of red - kept all the structures in pristine condition, covering the tables, walls, floor in grey



bench with grill shape as part of Daddy's identity ↓

The space does not hide imperfections - engineering communications are open, holes in the slabs are plastered, and the construction on the ceiling from an industrial light tray unites the interior - complementing it with plants

waiting standing bench ↓
↑  integrated soap bottle in the shelf

New kebab flavour, new interior solutions. The floor grate suddenly appears on the wall and ceiling, having changed its location - the function has changed as well. Meat hooks hang outerwear behind the grate, hide the fire hydrant and evenly distribute light from the ceiling. The bench for visitors was not left out and became a speciality of the new Kebab Daddy chain - its pattern directly repeats the imprint of the grill on the pita bread

night lighting ↓

materials ↓

process ↓

↓ project team

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