Loov | optical store

Moscow | 66 sq.m.

Architects: Catherina Tarasova, Valeria Dzhigil, Sonya Plusnina
Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina
Photo: Dmitri Tsyrenshchikov

LOOV is a showroom and eyewear repair shop whose brand underwent a complete reboot through a change of name, colour palette and character.

The flagship space of the optical salon, in keeping with the new character of the brand, had to become warm, friendly, welcoming and filled with light. In a confined space with a lack of natural light, the light-coloured interior visually enlarges the space. The identity defines the nature of the bright colour accents - the signature colour orange is carried over into the interior. The reformatted lounge area makes it easier for staff to interact with customers - two large upholstered armchairs are placed so that the entire showroom range can be seen without having to stand up.

Ash veneer has been added to the textured beige walls in the main elements of the furniture, and together with the warm lighting of the showcases, it creates a cosy feeling. The historic fireplace, an attribute of the living space, has been transformed into an eyeglass fitting area without losing its character

Some seriousness and austerity were added to the overall mood for balance by the historical elements - platbands, ceiling cornices and rosettes, which have been preserved and in some places reproduced in the mould.


The focal point of the space and its volume is the point of interaction with the client - the reception in the new corporate colour of LOOV. And one of the brand's core values - the implementation of a charity programme - has materialised in the interior in the form of a separate rack for frames, which people of all social statuses can afford​​​​​​​

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