Saint Petersburg | 100 sq.m

Architects: Anastasia Safianenko, Egor Bogomolov, Leonid Sobolev, Ivan Gorbunov, Arianna Mikaya, Sonya Plusnina, Lera Dzhigil, Ruslan Maikov, Ekaterina Tarasova, Polina Onishuk, Nikita Vorontsov, Katya Polyakova, Valerii Egorov
Visualisation: Tatiana Kurochkina

Is change a noun? Something was so, and it became otherwise?
Is change time? Those cherished 10 minutes between one routine and another, when you need to have so much time? Is change about school, about politics, about life?

A quiet breakfast changes to a crowded party in the evening, the noise of the city center in the middle of the day can turn into a quiet gathering in a comfortable chair by the window, the atmosphere becomes more intimate, and the bar in the center will turn into a DJ table by Friday.

A separate feature of the space was real, raw building materials: bare concrete walls, brick columns that were not sewn up, plywood furniture, a bench standing on building blocks, transparent tables in which various parts - nuts, bolts and screws - drowned.
Even the central rack we laid out of tiles cut from old bricks – changed their function!

↑  you can see our KIDZ office inside cafe 

The interior was created like a drawing - many things are made by hand, like filling transparent countertops or a crack that accidentally tore the wall through which the synthesis with the studio takes place, allowing the visitor to observe the work of architects in real time

↑  slit to peek into the meeting room

↑  door to KIDZ office inside the cafe 

process ↓

team ↓

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