PIMS | City Cafe

Moscow | 2023 | 36 sq.m.

Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Victor Aurov, Arianna Mikaya, Valeria Dzhigil, Tatiana Kurochkina​​​​​​​
Photo: Dmitrii Suvorov

The new PIMS outlet on Myasnitskaya Street is located in a building that is an architectural monument. The neoclassical facade contrasts with the interior to the maximum extent possible: behind the carved, high oak doors there is a light, austere and technological interior.   ​​​​​​​

The layout solution was dictated by the space itself: in a small elongated space it was possible to place a comfortable bench with soft fabric upholstery for 8 seats, a rack for merchandise, cachepots with plants and even use a log bench from the very first PIMS point (re-use).

The project became a record-breaker in terms of speed of implementation and cost of works - many solutions were optimized to achieve commercial efficiency.

In general, the concept of this point reflects the brand's design code: the walls are finished in light gray tones, with textured paint that gives a roughness and envelopes the space. The entire ceiling, as well as the channels, were painted entirely in white, a visual technique that adds air and enlarges the room. The key element that also helped to visually expand the space even further was the large PIMS logo, made of a mirrored composite, which dissolves into the space and at the same time attracts attention as an Instagram spot. 

The monochrome space cannot do without color accents: pendant lamps are painted in a gradient, smoothly passing from blue to white, like the contents of a PIMS cup, in which tea, fruit, and ice create a similar effect. 

The side tables to the log bench are also in one of the signature colors - like a contrast of natural and technological. A separate accent is the backlighting behind the bench, in blue, which gradients softly on the wall. 


The light in the space is also important - there are tubular lights under the ceiling, which are an allusion to PIMS drink straws, as well as an important navigational marker, giving direction to the counter for ordering and dispensing drinks.


merch stand 
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