Dubai, UAE | 49 sq.m.

Architects: Egor Bogomolov, Victor Aurov, Ruslan Maikov, Catherina Tarasova, Sonya Plusnina, Ivan Gorbunov, Julia Tsuglenok
Visualisation: Tatiana Kurochkina

New PIMS branch is opened in Dubai – the place that has become popular because of its tea-based drink with topping for everyone’s taste. Feels like it is exactly that kind of drink you are dreaming of staying in the hot Dubai climate. That is why this KIDZ project focuses on the possibility to feel «freshness» even in the interior: in materials, colour combinations, space plasticity.

Getting inside the cafe you immediately feel the temperate sea breeze - the wavy textured metal rack in turquoise tones is the main visual accent of the interior. Other elements - round tables resembling islands, lamps strung on a single zigzag-shaped pipe, rail for visitors’ clothes, small accessories and brand’s merch, mirror – are made in a single metal style. The dark-coloured floor flows smoothly into the light ceiling through the gradient on the walls, and the vertical of the walls itself passes into the ceiling through radius bends at the corners

As for the space zoning, artificial lighting is concentrated on the bar – the place where making drinks magic happens. It is easy for anyone curious to watch delicacies being prepared by virtue of the open kitchen area. The zoning is also suitable for different visitor types: those who want to sit in the company of themselves can do it at the bar counter, and those who want to communicate with new people in a tea-tasting atmosphere can share the big table in the middle of the cafe


The branch is built in the climate with eternal summer, so, the chance to literally breathe more air into the space cannot be ignored – with the help of floor-to-ceiling sliding stained glass windows the access to the terrace is opened from the closed PIMS space. Internal and external spaces are also well-combined due to the fact that the lines of streaming in natural light from the terrace side echo the lines of the interior.

The opened terrace is the way for the spot to “get out on the street” and make a friendly inviting gesture. Nearby is located one of Dubai’s most beautiful beaches – JBR – so, after swimming enough you can just come for a refreshing drink and enjoy it sitting on the terrace and drying after the salt water. New place by KIDZ is definitely not the one you can pass over!

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