Yumms Aviapark | Corner

Moscow | 2023 | 16 sq.m.

Architects: Ruben Movsisian, Daniil Savinsky, Daria Lebedeva
Visualization: Tatiana Kurochkina
Photo: Dmitrii Suvorov

Yumms Aviapark project is the second collaboration of KIDZ studio and Mark Rodovsky, the founder of Marcelo Miracles brand. The main task of the project was to create a design that evokes associations with the brand, which will be possible to realize in 2 weeks by the time of the opening of the renovated Aviapark shopping center.

The concept was based on the main product of Yumms - bright ice cream with rich, juicy toppings. One of the tasks was to take into account the brand identity in terms of color palette and at the same time not to distract attention from the bright desserts.

When creating the first Yumms on Krivokolenny Lane, the main feature of the place was the plush fur that marked the area for trying on merchandise. By analogy with this in Yumms Aviapark it was decided to make a fabric chandelier, which, as a cherry on the cake, becomes the only bright color in the palette of the project, attracting attention to the corner from afar.

The specificity of the project is that it is a corner in a shopping center, which means that in most cases most of it is closed by a queue of visitors. With these inputs it was decided to finish the order counter with a simple material, but with an interesting texture, so that the visitor could feel it tactilely while waiting for his order. Gas-concrete walls were laid out, which were subsequently brought to a form of relief, slightly reminiscent of ice cream. This is how the Kraft element came into the project.

Inside the corneur there is a technical room, which was also decided to be hidden by a wall with an arch-shaped opening, softening the feeling of the space for the visitor.

The strength of the project is its collaborative nature. To create a project in 3 weeks and to realize it in 2 weeks is the success of solid teamwork. Many elements were designed in collaboration with the Yumms team and the construction team.

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