Yumms | Showroom & Desert Bar 

Kidz - design studio
Designers: Anastasia Safianenko, Leonid Sobolev, Julia Anikina, Nikita Vorontsov
Supervision: Arianna Mikaya 
Visualisator: Tatiana Kurochkina

Choice Studio — Branding Agency
Creative Director: Aleksey Zadorozhny
Packaging Design: Ksusha Shchigoleva
CGI: Denislam Fashiev
Motion: Alisa Tukshumskaya​​​​​​​

The creator of the brand is Mark Rodovsky or already known to everyone as Marcelo Miracles 
His clothes are outrageous, ambiguous and definitely cause a buzz around 
The brand began to gradually expand and the appearance of a showroom became a top priority

The brand already has its target audience ↓ 

Recognisable unique symbols. Colourful gravel, fur poufs, big velvet chair, recycled plastic
It was important to create something memorable, a little frightening in its extraordinariness, 
but at the same time comfortable for meetings with friends and spending time

Choice studio developed a graphic design reflecting the concept of the institution
Delicious packaging and filling

60 sq.m space   

Hairy wall ↓
↑  Fridge with Branded beverages

↑  Outdoor sign

process ↓

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